5 All-time Best Snowboards For Men And Women

Snowboarding is a mix of surfing, skiing, sledding, and skateboarding. The sport dates back to the 20′s with people trying to “ride” on wooden planks down the snowy slopes. But it was in the 70′s when this extreme sport took off. It looks daring, exciting and is definitely going to give you an adrenaline rush.


Imagine traversing the slope on at speed, freestyling some tricks on the way down or using the terrain to perform rolls and loops. It’s kind of nerve-wracking, but it’s absolutely worth a try!  So for people looking for activities that will give them the rush, then snowboarding is for you.

So now you’ve booked your first snowboard holiday – and hopefully, your best one. Before heading off, make sure to have a list of snowboarding gears and equipment -- snowboarding socks, light goggles, gloves, snowboarding jacket, boots and of course, the snowboard itself.

Before proceeding to the list, let us first enumerate some of the most famous snowboard features according to tactics.com.

What To Look For In A Snowboard

1. Board length

 Short boards will come up to somewhere between your collarbone and your chin (when you hold it upright). They are easier to maneuver and thus are easier to learn on.

They are perfect for doing tricks and pipe riding. Medium-length boards come up between your chin and nose and are great for terrain parks and slopes.

Lastly, long boards range from eye-level to over the top of the head and are best for activities like high-speed carving, deep powder, and big mountain terrain. Generally, all snowboard brands produce different sizes for each snowboard.

2. Rider weight

Some say that the rider weight factor is the most important characteristic to be considered and snowboard manufacturers keep this in mind when creating commercial snowboards. Generally, heavy riders must not use boards that are too short and vice versa. To know more about the proper board lengths with size, read on Snowboard Sizing and Buyer’s Guide.

3. Ability level

 There are snowboards designed for every rider skill level. Flex, shape, length, construction, materials, design and intended use for a particular skill level are all noted by snowboard craftsmen.

Finding the right snowboard for your personal ability will help make your riding experience more enjoyable and progressive. Also, there’s always the right snowboard for your preferred riding style and conditions.

Also, here’s a diagram of the anatomy of a snowboard, to give you an idea and to help you with the technical stuff:

The anatomy of a snowboard. Photo from Snowboard-Coach.com

Whether you are a first-time rider, a slope expert, a skier or an Olympian, it’s crucial that you know what snowboard will suit you when buying. But since you cannot know what you want if you’re a first timer, then we’re going to help you with that.

Here's a round-up of The 5 Best Snowboards for Men and Women

1. Rossignol XV Magtek Snowboard

The Rossignol XV Magtek is a great tapered super tight turning freeride snowboard for those that often see hard conditions of big-mountain riding but also dashes through powder.

It features stiffer tips and a softer waist with 60% camber between the feet for stability, and 40% rocker at the tips for catch-free spins and landings for freestyling. For the core, it boasts THC CBF² – Triple Hybrid Core featuring Dual Torsion Box, CBF² laminate, and three Microcell beams deliver lightweight balance, control, and edge grip.

The highlight of this snowboard is its directional inverse flex - extremely stiff under the front foot for control and maximum power in demanding terrains, medium stiff under the back foot for more maneuverability, with a thick waist for increased stability at speed.

This snowboard is a complete package and the best snowboard choice of veterans and enthusiasts. It is a bit pricey, but if you are looking for the top of the line snowboard with powerful features and maximum durability, then this is the one!

2. Camp Seven 2017 Valdez Snowboard

The newly reconstructed Camp Seven's 2017 Valdez Snowboard design is for better performance. It has a CRCX rocker profile in the center to free up your contact points for catch-free riding and serious float in powder, with mild camber in the tip and tail for explosive pop and control.

Moreover, it boasts their newest and most advanced dual density board (DD2) which focuses on grip and edge hold and also their premium unparalleled Poplar woods that runs tip to tail. Also, it possesses high-density stringers that run down each side of the board creating a stronger rail and for added strength and elasticity.

Snowboarding enthusiasts agreed that this snowboard has a fantastic grip, speed, and lightness, plus the sleek rocker profile. If you’re into affordability and quality, then this is the best snowboard for you. The price is very affordable, yet the quality of this board is much more than its price!

3. System 2017 MTN Snowboard

The best-selling System MTN CRCX 2017 Snowboard is a rocker dominant "camber-rocker-camber" profile which significantly increases float in powder and elevates your contact points to ensure you never catch an edge.

The small cambered sections in the nose and tail only engage when you tell them for explosive pop for ollies and jumps. The MTN also received a major core upgrade with their all new ultralight 3D core that centers around the tip to tail Poplar wood with two high-density stringers running outside the center of the board.

A heartwood stringer is also placed down the center of the board to create one of the most powerful cores on the market!

With its fiberglass construction, you get insane durability and the smoothest flex pattern imaginable. For those looking for an all-around best snowboard -- from backcountry powder fields to groomer, to park laps, the MTN is truly the best all-mountain board you can find.

4. System 2017 Flite Women's Snowboard

The all-new System 2017 Flite Women's Snowboard specifically has a female flex and a lightweight core. The Flite's Flatrock profile, a flat base under foot creating stability yet a catch-free shape, pairs a flat midsection with rockered tip and tail which creates maximum stability between the bindings while eliminating pesky edge catches and providing float in powder. It also features the lightest  DD2 core like Camp Sevens.

Hand selected Poplar runs tip to tail, with high-density wood stringers that run through the middle of the board to add increased response and explosive pop. If you’re a starter, this straightforward and affordable board will be the best snowboard for you!

5. System 2017 MTNW Snowboard

Also featuring a flatrock profile for that stable flat platform between your feet, paired with a rockered tip and tail to ensure that you won’t catch an edge, the System MTNW Snowboard’s dual density Poplar core is surrounded by rubber dampening to eliminate board chatter and provide a smooth, comfortable ride.

But the highlight of this board is the all new flex pattern which is slightly stiffer allowing the MTNW to push through and excel in choppier and harder conditions while adding, even more, power and pop while still providing the easy feel of the board. This board is for the ladies who are looking for a bit more fun with their snowboards.

Final Thought

We live in happy times, where whatever shape, core material, stringer type and price range of snowboards you prefer, are probably available on the market. But beware, you should always bear in mind the three top features of a snowboard to consider before buying -- board length, rider weight, and ability level. Moreover, may our selection of the 5 all-time Best Snowboards for Men and Women helped you in your quest for the perfect snowboard!

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