Stunning Guide To The Best Place To Stay In Hong Kong

The gateway to Asia is the incredible city named Hong Kong. Selecting the location depends majorly on the type of vacation you want to spend and also it highly depends on your requirements.


But, the decision to opt the best place to stay in Hong Kong will decide how your vacation will be. The planning guide for the vacation should include the whole central area of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong includes a lot of parts from soaring skyscrapers to sandy beaches and tranquil parks. There are also huge numbers of the hotels in Hong Kong and so it would be hard to select to decide where to stay.

There are places known as Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula, new territories and over 200 outlying Island with their unique characters and its fascinating history that divide the city into the four major parts. Let us have a brief note on these places, so we can select the best place to stay in Hong Kong for your wonderful vacation.

1. Hong Kong Island

These are the place of the busy streets with a proper public transport facility and the place from where the skyscrapers originate. This place is the heart of the Hong Kong and there are premium rates for everything you select.

Below links shows the view of the Hong Kong Island:

There is the place named as wan chai located in central of the Hong Kong Island which is the best place for the business purpose, government centers, high-end shopping centers, and boutique shopping, an incredible choice for the dinner is available and a heart of the hub for the public transportation.

Below link shows the night view of the wan chai place:

The street market for the wan chai place:

Photo from

If you are visiting the Hong Kong for the business purpose, then this would be the best area where you can reside. People consider this area as the best place to stay in Hong Kong because it is easy to get around everything very easy and it also has good and relaxed vibes beside the central city area.

There is also a place in Hong Kong Island known as causeway bay which can also be the eastern district of the Kowloon Peninsula is considered as the most traditional areas of the Hong Kong as compared to the other parts.

Below link shows the causeway bay view of the Hong Kong:

Links to videos showing the views around the Hong Kong Island are:

2. Kowloon

There are best views to the bay of Hong Kong’s magnificent skyline which offers an attractive city light. It also has an excellent public transport which also connects the central Hong Kong that is the Hong Kong Island.

The link shows the Kowloon view in the Hong Kong:

The key area of the Kowloon is known as Tsim Sha Tsui which is the most attractive place for most of the visitors. The main advantage to select this place as the best place to stay in Hong Kong is that it can give you stunning views of the Skyline.

There are also various museums and other attractions like Nathan road. This place is widely famous for the neon signs, restaurants that include the both local and western style and variety of fabulous shopping options. For a controlled budget, this can be the place in Hong Kong for a vacation.

Below links will take you to the beautiful view of the Hong Kong:

There is an image showing the most beautiful Skyline view

Below links shows the videos that views the natural beauty area of the Kowloon and Tsim Sha Tsui:

If you can handle the crowd, then there is the best place named as Mong Kok which is the best location for the industries. This district is famous for the local food markets and even beautiful temples. Mass Transit system connects this region to the main city area of the Hong Kong.

Links to the beautiful views of the Mong Kok place in Hong Kong are:

Also, there is the video for the shopping market in Mongkok:

3. The New Territories

As the population of the city increases there are other regions that are building up into the areas of the new territories. It has high tower buildings which seem to pop up overnight, and some village have been the stretch for miles.

Many villages in the new territories are connected with the Kowloon area and Hong Kong Island via mass transit system, staying where we can get a refreshing day.

Below links show the new territories area of the Hong Kong:

There is the link to video which will describe you about the new territories area:

4. Sai Ying Pun

After the most luxurious place Kowloon there is another place named Sai Ying Pun which is the great place to find you a comfortable and luxurious life.

It is located in the western district in northern western area of the Hong Kong Island and it is considered as the oldest areas of the Hong Kong city. It is a home to a large number of hotels, restaurants, cafes, market stalls. This place is very easy to get from the airport by bus.

Below links show the view of the Sai Ying Pun place of the Hong Kong:

Some people find this place a bit boring because instead of having many restaurants we need to crave for the food, shops and things to look at. Also, there is no charm in the place as the causeway bay and wan chai places.

5. Outlying Islands

A wide-range of the South China Sea is developed from the 235 Islands of the Hong Kong city. In general, all the Islands are developing as the extensions of the Hong Kong’s city, but still, there are many Islands that are uninhabited and some are populated with the activity of the fishing.

The famous resorts in Hong Kong are Disney resort, Ngong Ping 360 centers. Other than these islands as major attractions of Hong Kong there are still local and Islands with the skyline view.

Below link shows the image to the outlying Islands:

There are two beautiful Islands named as Peng Chau and Lamma Island which are the best option for the visitor which are deciding to stay in outlying Islands. These are the Islands that are removed from the list of the tourist guide and have become the beaten track for most of the westerners.

Peng Chau and Lamma Island also can be considered as the best place to stay in Hong Kong because it is famous for the local seafood restaurants and their gorgeous natural beauty of beaches which are easily accessible from the city. Public can reach and visit each and every smaller Islands via a boat cruise.

Below link shows the images to the Peng Chau Island:

Below link shows the images to the Lamma Island:

There is a video showing the life and scene of the Lamma Island:

These were the list of the 5 best places to stay in Hong Kong. There are still many places that can be considered as the best place to stay in Hong Kong but the decision to the best place is taken by looking on the requirements and the purpose for which you are visiting the Hong Kong city.

According to me the best place to stay in Hong Kong is considered as the Hong Kong Island. Because this place is famous for the multiple purposes for example business, corporate, shopping and even famous restaurants and hotels are available here.

This place has enough of the public transportation facilities for travelling from one place to another and so I consider this place as the best place to stay Hong Kong.

I hope you liked this article which guides you best to the best place to stay in Hong Kong and I would be glad to know the comments and suggestions regarding the places in Hong Kong. It would be good to share this article with your friends and relatives if you liked this guide to Hong Kong diary.

Hope you have a great, wonderful and a safe trip to Hong Kong!!

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